Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's 3.30am? WHAT?

I've gained weight!

Hahaha, wtf this is so damn random but it's the fact! Every part of me are so extremely flabby now that i could even hardly feel the pain when i knocked into something. Pain receptors gone cuckoo thanks to the amount of fats thats surrounding em'. Wait, does that even makes sense? Hmm.

Come to think about it, i can be considered as a very lucky girl because of all the love that is constantly showered on me; the happiness that is surrounding me; the laughters and joy that some will not get to experience for it is beyond their reach.

Thus, i thank all those who never once thought of giving up hopes on me; i thank for all the people that i've known throughout my life; and i thank those that made my life such a colorful one (pun intended).

For the fact that without all of you people, my life wouldn't be as interesting as it is right now. =)

So i thank you, thank you for appearing in my life. ;)


1 comment:

sleeper said...

3.30 am already, still thinking about the weight ah. haha