Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lin's Cottage @ Malacca! (Suitable for backpackers, travellers, families, etc.)

Hello folks!
If you've been following my Twitter you would probably noticed my tweet about le bf and myself putting two nights at cozy Lin's Cottage @ Malacca about two weeks back!

Thanks to the both lovebirds; dearest cousie and her husband! :D

I will highly suggest this place to those that is on budgeted trip, families (the house can be occupied by about 12 people, backpackers, etc)

Why so?

#1. The super cozy living room that you will instantly fall in love with the moment you step into the house.

I love the grass carpet!

If you realized the rack on the right, there's lotsa board games, chalk board, books, etc to keep you entertained.

#2. The uber cozy rooms!

Room for 3

Room for 4

VIP room for 2 (taken from Lin's website)

And room for 2 (downstairs) which le bf and myself stayed. 
Just this room itself is only RM50 per night!

Trust me, the rooms are really clean and tidy. Plus, toiletries and most of the things are provided; from shampoos to towels to hair dryer, etc.

#3. The house is situated opposite famous satay celup shop; Ban Lee Siang. 

#4. It is only about less than a 10 mins drive to Jonker Street and Dataran Pahlawan. 

BUT. Yes, nothing's perfect so, BUT, there is lots of mosquitoes. The first night was ok but the second night, i literally could not sleep and i actually killed like 6-7 mosquitoes. =S

I actually tried searching for the spray but all i could find was the mats yet, i couldn't find the electronic killer thinggy or whatever you call it haha!

So, just a slight reminder; MOSQUITO REPELLENT!! ;)

Or if the kind Lin sees this post, i hope there is mosquito repellent and stuffs the next time i visit! =)

Anyways, if you're wondering about the price, head on over to Lin's website

They're really really cheap and affordable!

75-H, Jalan Ong Keng Hoon, 75200 Melaka.
GPS Coordinate: N 2.2031 E 102.2433

Till then, have a good night! =)


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Lin said...

Hi dear thanks for the post! and yes we have been improving on the mosquitoes part! and will keep on improving!thanks so much!