Saturday, September 11, 2010

Have you ever been in love?

In the morning light
Half awake and half asleep
Have you ever laid there thinking
Was it all a dream?
But you reached out and he's there
Every moment, everywhere
Have you ever been in love?

Have you ever felt how far a heart can fall
Have you ever stayed up waiting
For a telephone call just to hear him say hello
Have you ever been in love?

Have there been times to laugh
And times you really want to cry
Finding reasons to believe him
Cause' you'd die a little if he lied
And when in times of doubt
Have you ever tried to work it out
But still he leaves you wondering
What its all about

And when he's far way
Have you ever felt the need to stray
And tried and then discovered
It just doesn't pay
Cause' with him, you can be true
And with him, you can be you
Have you ever been in love?

And when the night comes down
Can you call your house a home
Do you still dream you're still together
And wake up alone
Have you ever been in love
The way that i'm in love
Have you ever been in love?

I did.


Each time our eyes met,
the same feelings i get.
You're still number one.


ken said...

im sure most of us do.. many times as well =)

Liaun said...

No doubt that I have not yet being in love, but in your case, what I can say is that a gal's instinct is the strongest. Once you have doubt in a relationship, my advise to you is END it. Gal's instinct are 99.99% accurate.

Anonymous said...

definately yes..i did tat too..=(

Sophia Lai said...

@Ken: Yeap, uncountable times. :)

@Liaun: Hahaha, exactly! Like most of the time it's so true. I think i creep guys up with my instincts and scare them away. :D

@Anonymous: Yeah, i think we all do too. It's just so heart sick rite to see the person you love walked away like that. It's life. Life goes on no matter what. :)