Thursday, September 2, 2010

At a crossroad.

Have you ever come across this situation, where you don't know which path to take? I'm pretty sure everyone has experienced this; at a crossroad, choosing a path. Yesterday, Angeline and myself went to the park for a jog and we came across this crossroad. "Which path should we take darl?", she asked. Without much hesitation, i replied, ''Let's take the bottom one.'' It wasn't because i know where it will leads us to, but it was because i felt like it, my first instinct told me that that was it. We didn't know what the other path might bring, but at least this path was worth the jog.


Similarly, life can be quite complex at times. Most of the time, we don't know how to decide on certain things because we are afraid of the aftermath. As we tried to be optimistic and think further to decide, the "what ifs" will then come in between and kept on bugging us continuously. But as life goes on, i realized that it doesn't really matter which path we take because the possibilities are seemingly unlimited. Sometimes we cared too much about the outcomes until everything felt so wrong in the end.


There may have been a million directions, many big or small decisions to make, chances and changes but what matters most, is the path that we are in right now. Do what it takes, if it makes you happy. Do what make sense to you, even when nobody gets it or follows you. Because this is only the beginning. This is where the spark is, this is where the momentum lives and sooner or later you'll discover your real pink/yellow/green or purple brick road is exactly the path you're looking for - call that the right path. Enjoy and embrace each moment now instead of thinking the path as an isolated road from where you could never go back or jump to another path. Start to imagine that your paths are running on parallel. By doing this, you'll feel more happy about life.

Sometimes, it's alright to make mistakes, as long as we learn from them one day. No doubt that for everything that we've done, there's always a price to pay. But note that, life can be amazingly wonderful as well if we learn to cherish things, if we learn to look things at the brighter side. Sometimes, life can really be as easy as ABC.

I finally see things in a different perspective now. =)


I believe that
what's worth the price
is always worth the fight.


A lil crazy sometimes said...

Im stuck at a cross road like always.

Sophia Lai said...

Well, i guess all of us are like that most of the time. Even myself, i became really indecisive at times. But look deeper into ur heart, and you'll know what's best for you. No matter what, just brave thru it all! =) Regards.

Anonymous said...

I just added your blog site to my blogroll, I pray you would give some thought to doing the same.