Saturday, January 16, 2010

You and me, we could write a bad romance.

Been busy for the past few weeks. Mainly because i spend most of the time helping mum to bake cookies for CNY and trying to balance my time with assignments. As usual, orders start coming in and kinda like so tired right now. Feeling so fidgety and restless. Need a massage so badly. *puppy eyes* hehe.

Anyway, yesterday was great. Bro won passes for the Heineken party featuring 2manydjs and Lap Sap at KL Live. I would say that it was boring for me la coz' there's no friends to accompany. Only me and bro to finish up that bucket of Heineken. Plus gotta finish that 5 bottles in one hour plus, and i end up feeling a lil tipsy. Wtf i know. It's only beer but maybe i was tired and sleepy, that's why.

Thank you O&M. =)

Then we headed to McD after that. Met up with Yat, Kelson, Ren, Zoe and Hikaru. Such happening ppl, very funny and friendly.

And oh, Happy Birthday Buaya! =P May this year brings you lotsa preys for you to buaya yah. lol.

I hope CNY come faster. I give up baking cookies and i want money! So broke right now, thanks to all the freshly photostated text books! >.<

Friendship may end in love
But love in friendship will never end!


Liaun said...

pineapple cookies looks delicious

JenKin Yat said... wans more preys..thank you =D

Sophia Lai said...

liaun : yes! they are! i love pineapple rolls. :D

yat : you sure you want more preys ar? so many dy enuff la.. :P