Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tooth Fairy.

This morning, i was supposed to prepare my script for the presentation on the afternoon but i ended up in the cinema instead. The total of 13 of us ended up in Mid Valley watching Tooth Fairy!

I gotta say that this movie is hilarious, but at the same time, something just ain't right. Imagine The Rock, Dwayne Johnson wears the angel wings, and magic wand on hand complete with a tutu? Not a good idea.

He was summoned for not believing in the existent of tooth fairies and there he goes, to the fairy land where he magically grow wings and encounter with other fairies. He has to finish up with his projects by getting those teeth ONLY during the kids are sleeping and then hand them over to the Fairy Godmother. But if he screw things up, his summon will be extended for another week. And yes, he did screw things up of course, by sprinkling too much of amnesia powder!

This movie is somewhat silly but nonetheless it was also amusing and whimsical. And oh gawd, how i wish i can have a bit of those shrinking paste and amnesia powder. I could just go up to anyone i want and slap him/her and then sprinkle the amnesia powder and continue the process all over again. hah! Just kidding. I would love to sprinkle that powder on myself instead. neh.


And i don't know i should be glad or what, but the individual presentation will be held next week due to the time constrain. But heck! I'll be having both of my presentations on the same day itself. FML? Maybe not. I'm fine with it. =)

Goodnight, mates.

I miss those days
Where you make my world go round.

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