Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to school! No. College. =)

To all the kiddos, adolescents, teens; students to be precise, and school teachers, you are officially back to school in about 7 hours time! And sadly, unfortunately, big big sigh, i'm not excluded from this. I know everyone's dreading to get back to school or college and i feel the same way too. Maybe we're just plain lazy after a few weeks of holidays. Plus it's a Monday, that reminds you of assembly ain't? Haha. I'm done with that, but i still have Monday blues one kay! Weeks of sleeping at dawn and waking up in the afternoon were darn good. Now gotta reset my body alarm again. Erk! And oh, timetables for this last sem suck monkeyballs. Such long gaps in between. sigh.

Anyway, i'm so ecstatic upon the arrival of my baby Yvonne from Sarawak. One great friend that i knew from National Service camp. How i miss those times where we slept together on one single bed! *wide smile* So now that you're near, we're gonna hang out more often k? =)

*Hugsy mugsy*

Sleep early and wake up early folks! tata!

It's gonna be a great year
I know.

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