Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is only a month away! So what are you up to?

Well, i have mine already; a very well-planned schedule to spend this special day with a star that every single female on Earth wish to date with. Guess who? It's Taylor Lautner! - might end up getting bashed by Taylor Swift and his fans out there by saying this but yes, i'll the happiest creature alive to have this dream come true.

Look at his muscles. *beams*

Valentine's Day with this star would definitely be memorable because it's a rather interesting and fun one compared to all the common stuffs that couple usually do on this special day - to the movies and romantic candle-light dinners. But in our case, we would spend the whole day away from the city, away from the horrendous traffic in town and have our very day spent on a private beach that is only belong to the both of us.

We would go sun bathing in the morning, while chit-chatting about many stuffs, from his background to *coughs* Taylor *coughs* Swift. Towards the afternoon, we would go for a deep sea diving with the help of professionals sea divers to explore the fascinating beauty of the underwater which not only offer us fishes but living sea plants as well.

We will also get to swim with the dolphins, admire the corals and appreciate the colorful view of shining aqua.

Towards the evening then, we would just spend some quality time together on the beach, walking along the shore hand in hand, while enjoying the view of the beautiful sunset. During dinner, we will have a mini seafood BBQ, specially for the both of us while the evening stars fill the sky. Since his birthday falls on the 11th, a few days before Valentine's so this could be the Birthday plus Valentine's Day combo celebration.

We will then just spend the remaining night gazing at the stars while being in each other arms.

Hah! There goes my loveydovey Valentine's Day story. *dreams* =P

p/s : Warner Bros. Entertainment Company is giving away 80 pairs of Valentine's Day Premiere tickets to all Nuffnangers!

Hope to get something this time around, Nuffnang! *puppy eyes*


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