Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!

It's the end of year 2009. It has been a really really long road. Lotsa weepings, lotsa moanings, lotsa dramas.

But one great thing that happened this year, and it only comes once in a lifetime was the National Service camp. That was one hell of a good experience.

I pretty much have a good feeling that year 2010 would be a better year. Way way better than this year. Resolutions? Stop weeping and moaning for whatever reason it is. And to have more part time jobs for extra pocket money! *Hint to the boss*

Another thing is, i know that he'll be there for me. At least i know someone is there to stay. Thanks boo for all the times that you're there listening to all my pathetic stories. Hearing me weeping away like a cry baby and yet you're still able to laugh them off. urgh. Yes you're cute. But you're not when you laugh at my shittiest moment ever. hmph!

One thing i know that i'm gonna start things from scratch this new decade. I'm gonna slowly take my time to pick up those pieces of my heart and put them into one again. I'll learn to crawl, and then i'll learn to walk. When i get to walk, i'll start to run till i can jump and fly. Step by step, that's all it takes. And oh yes, the so-not-smart brain of mind, need to do lotsa thinkings before doing any preaching. I'm going to be a strong girl. No more low self-esteem i hope. =)
Anyway, i'm sorry for not replying all the new year messages. Too many to reply, and was celebrating with the family. Thanks for all the wishes tho and i shall make mine here too.

So to all the homo sapiens in this world, young or old, tall or short, fat or thin, big or small, long or short, ( don't think otherwise! ) i just wanna wish each and everyone of you a very happy new year! May the year of 2010 brings you great health and wealth and all the good things come rolling! Don't dwell on the past, look into the future. If i could put my past aside and save it in a space called 'The Most Happiest yet Shittiest Memories Ever', why can't you too?

Enjoy while you can. Because when the world ends, all of us will die together. If 2012 is true, we only have 2 freaking years to go! So better party hard but be safe! =)

Sometimes it's ok to break the rules a lil. Have fun!!

It's time to put a full stop to all the bullshits.

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