Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thank you for putting a smile on my face.

Finally had the time to really update my blog. Here are some flashbacks of what happened last week.

I would say last Thursday was one of the fun day in the month of November. During the day we had our Introduction to Business assignment whereby every group has to set up their own booth and sell stuffs. Our group's name was Unidlife, and we sell customized t-shirts. As in origami customized t-shirts. So the few days before that all of us had to fold the origami t-shirts and it came to my surprise that even guys could fold such stuffs. I mean, patience and time needed and these guys really had the heart to fold 'em. Not bad huh.

Rules :
  • We were only allowed to sell fake stuffs, either in 2D or 3D.
  • Selling time from 1pm-3pm.
  • Customers were given fake money to shop around and gave comments.
  • Marks were given based on group's performance and creativeness.
Sounds interesting isn't it?

*The group members*
(Jo, Panda, Casey, Frederick, June, Angeline and Zaza)

*T-shirts of all sizes*


*Jackie was amazed with our creations. lol*


*Desserts from Ashwin's group*

*Sushi from Louis's group*

*Robots from Super Heroes group*

And other groups were pretty creative as well. From fishballs to satays to dresses to plasma tv. lol.

*Lecturer : Mr.Tomi*

Can't wait for our marks! XD


Then came night time. Went out for steamboat with high school mates to celebrate Keen Pong's birthday. Miss them so much! =D

*With Woon Chin, Chee Wei, Suet Yin and the bday boy*

When is our next round? hehe.

After that went straight to Station 1 to countdown for Mun Leong's birthday. Stayed there till like 12.30 am. Leong was seriously damn funny when he's drunk. *shakes head*

*Happy birthday*

*With Anne, Sharon, Leong and Woon Chin*

-Thank you for the great day peeps!-

Then i spent the whole weekend in Aunt Lynnda's house. Finally watched finish the drama Beyond the Realm of Conscience. Very addictive drama but i find the ending a bit hanging tho. =P And then Monday came, and got a pleasant surprise from Ashwin.

*Cupcakes from CupcakeChic*

I love cupcakes! And they're all of different flavours. =D
Thank you! But you memang kantoi on that day. *bueks*


Last pic of the day.

Hehe. No offence but my mum is hawt that's why my dad loves her. XD

p/s : All the best for MS exam tomorrow! =D

The moon shines so bright tonight
I can't help myself from missing you hunz.

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