Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Clubbing for the first time left me unspoken.

I know this sounds weird and embarrassing but yes, it's my first time going to club. hehe. OPERA was having its soft launching today so there's free flow of drinks from 8-10pm. But i tell you this club is really one sad case. Super sad. Maybe there's free flow of drinks la, so everyone's like crazy over it. It was extremely hot and humid AND worse of all, no dance floor. Sucky musics too. hah!

View the overall review here. Make sure you have balls to read it. XD

Then after that everyone kindda like headed to CocoBanana, coz' it just situated right opposite of Opera. Maybe it was too early, so there wasn't much people. Same thing, sucky live bands. lol. And mostly elderly ones. haha. And then we went to Helo Bali, it's totally empty because it was only bout 11. Then we went to republic, not too bad la. At least the songs the DJ played were nice. Sat down, had some drinks and started dancing. Wanted to go to Mist, but extremely jammed so plan cancelled. And then sneaked into MOS at 12. That was the bomb of the night. At least the dance floor, really looked like dance floor. lol. Ok wait, looks more like some roller skating ring but who cares as long as we got a big space to dance. =P And the crowd was just nice. Not too empty, and not too crowded. =) Just that you can't really find hot chics and cute hunks on days like that.

So basically we went into 5 clubs in a night at Sunway. Crazy ain't? But kinda fun. At first i felt rather out of place and didn't know what to expect but slowly got the hang of it and started enjoying. Now only i know why he loves clubbing so much.

This pic was taken before i drank yet my face already looked so red. But the main thing of it is that particular pair of earrings! They always make me feel comfortable somehow. Much loved!

Small gifts like that always made my day
Though you're not here
But i can still feel your presence
No doubt that i miss you loads.

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