Saturday, December 5, 2009

A great way to end a day.

Yesterday was another great day. Went to college in the morning to have group study with the bunch of peeps and then head to Starbucks in Leisure Mall to get a cup of Mocha Praline Frap and another nail polish from Elianto. No idea why lately i'm obsessed with nail polish. Even my cousin baby loves to play with my turquoise-ish looking toe nails. haha.

And then evening came, picked mum up from Putra Heights and we headed to Starhill first with the intention to book 4 places for supper at Jogoya to celebrate parents wedding anniversary which falls on the 8th of Dec. But little did we know that the promotion is only for Mondays to Thursdays. So the cravings for Japanese buffet went crashing down but mum promised to bring us there right after my finals. *woots* So after that we walked to Pavilion, and boy i tell you the Christmas decoration is so awesome. Full with colorful huge Christmas trees and reindeers.


And then the first stop was Roxy and Quicksilver because it's the 1 Day Special Friends and Family SALE! 50% on all items from 1pm onwards. Enter by invitation through SMS or member card. But i was a lil upset because i could not get those tank tops that i was eyeing for so long because the fact that i reached there about 6 something and only L and XL sizes left. pfffft. Then again, we got a few stuffs. Surprisingly mum got the most. She was trying to blend herself in with teen's stuffs i supposed. See i told you my mum is hawt. haha. wtf. =P

Mine's a purse and that jeans cloth file. Bro's one are the whole stack of socks and wallet. The remaining 3 items are mum's!! hahaha. Total bill came up to about RM320. Fuuh, first time spend so much on a brand that i'm not really a big fan of. =P

Then came dinner time. Since we couldn't eat at Jogoya, we decided to have our Japanese cuisine in Ichiban Boshi. Yes, my family is a big fan of Japanese food. hehe. I used to say that Sushi Zanmai is way better than Sushi King. Like duh, it's damn obvious. But now i dare to say that Ichiban Boshi is way way better than Sushi Zanmai. *claps claps* And the reason is that the portions are way bigger than that of Zanmai's, the ambience is also quite cozy and comfortable with a very long kaiten belt laden with sushi, and there is a more variety in the menu compared to Sushi Zanmai. And perhaps one of the main attraction is the demonstration of buckwheat noodles that is visible from the outside. Just like the one in Dragon-i. And talking about Dragon-i i missed the one in Curve together with Shin. :)

*Chicken Katsu Cheese Gozen-RM22.90*
-Chicken cutlet with cheese, salmon sashimi, rice, miso soup and fruits.-

The chicken cutlet really tender and juicy and it goes so well with the plum sauce.

*Soba & Unadon Wazen-RM 22.90*
-Cold buckwheat noodles, mini BBQ eel, rice bowl, appetizers and fruits.-

This particular set is worth ordering because the plate of cold noodles and that bowl of rice with unagi can really make you full. buuurppp. And it's so amazingly delicious.

*Sukiyaki Gozen-RM26.90*
-Claypot beef/chicken with assorted vegetables, cold noodles, salmon sashimi, appetizers, miso soup, rice and fruits.-

This set of sukiyaki taste way better because it is not as salty as the one in Zanmai. Plus, there's an additional of noodles, salmon sashimi, miso soup and fruits. Yummy.

*The oh-so-thick-slices of salmon sashimi*

They are quite generous with the portions and the service is quite pleasant. Total bill was RM105 which is worth paying for because it comes to an average of RM25 per person. (Fyi my family consists of 4.) I can bet that you'll go home with a fulfilled stomach and even dreams about it at night while you sleep. That sensation in your stomach is definitely worth remembering. Indeed i was a satisfied patron. =D


Ichiban Boshi
Lot 1.14, Pavilion,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

(Situated a few shops away from Madam Kwan's. Same row with J Co as well.)

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.

I can't wait for our Christmas shopping with Aunt Diana and Uncle KK! Have a safe trip to Las Vegas ya! =)

p/s : Good luck to everyone for finals tomorrow!
All i wanted was to be wanted
Wish i could go back and tell myself what i know now.


kenwooi said...

nice deco..
how i wish i could visit the pavilion to see it for myself.. but too bad i wont be around.. =(

Sophia Lai said...

yeap, very nice deco indeed! :) where r u going?