Sunday, December 27, 2009

You're like a drug. Enough said.

The other day about 20+ of us went to Michelle's house for christmas lunch party. Her aunty's a nice and sporting person, cooked really delicious yummy food and she gave us present for each and everyone which is a mug. Some of us opened, and the mugs are just normal mugs, mostly colorful and animal printings but when i opened mine, i was stoned. Because so happen mine was a picture of orange daisy. Like this.

Reminiscing. again.

And then today, we went for dinner at the grands' place. And then Aunty Diana and Uncle KK who just came back from Las Vegas, bought quite a number of stuffs from designer boutiques. They came back with handbags from Coach and Kenneth Cole because its way cheaper to shop for branded stuffs there compared to Malaysia. Ever wonder why cars and branded stuffs are so darn expensive here compared to the U.S after all the taxes and margins? That's because in the U.S, their medical expenses are superbly high as in 5 times! Got pros and cons la. So, eventually they got me a long sleeve black tee which costs only $9 and i was stoned again when i saw the brand.

It's Ralph Lauren!

If you ever wonder why i'm always bragging or so gung-ho about orange daisies and Ralph Lauren products, that is because of my past story. He got me orange daisies for Valentines and Ralph Lauren perfume for my birthday and i love them to bits! Feel free to read the pathetic story of mine here. hah! So i was pretty much asking myself, of all mugs, and since they are mostly colouful ones with animal printings, why mines an extraordinary one? And of all flowers, why daisy? And why exactly the same color; orange? And then of all brands, why Ralph Lauren? Coincidence? I don't really know. You see, when i ask myself all these questions, i can literally go berserk. And that's what always happen to me like all the time. Small little things always remind me of him. Sadness. sigh.

Anyway, guess what my mum got?

A leather handbag from Kenneth Cole that costs only $179! View the website here.
What i love most about it is this.

I don't know what to call it so i call it the gold plate. Because it's heavy too! lol.

After dinner today, had sort of like a heart to heart talk with the Uncle KK. He was asking me about boyfriends and stuffs, and obviously i did not tell him anything la. Cause everyone in the family pretty much thought that i'm having a bf since my mum told them that i have a 26 years old bf. Oh well, that's the past. So my uncle said something that straight away got into my senses. He told me that life is too short to worry about small details. And so i thought. Why am i always worry about stuffs? I'm just a worry person i guess?

Maybe i shall not worry about anything then. Just maybe.

And the uncle promised to bring me to the U.S to shop! Yeay! But obviously not so soon. >:(

Since you're happy this way
Why can't i be happy too?

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