Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Zealand Natural 30% promo!

It's the 30th of the month! New Zealand Natural is having their 30:30 promo whereby 30% off is given to all Take Home Packs, regular and large only. But too bad for me la. Not going anywhere today. So you guys enjoy the naturally-sweetened premium ice cream from 'The Land of The Long White Cloud!'. (I just got to know that it means 'New Zealand' translated from the indigenous Maori language. =)) Hint hint : I want Cookies & Cream! =P

*salivates. drools.*
I just realized that it's been quite a while since i last ate ice cream. Oh wait, i had Gelato Fruity last weekend. haha. But fattening ice cream always taste better! =P

Finally i'm almost done with my shopping spree! Sales is coming to an end and got myself quite a number of pieces for CNY to be exact. Plus Cotton On was having their 50% sales on selected items yesterday and i must say i was pretty lucky to have that last 2 pieces of shorts with size 6! The rest were size 10 and above. You see, shorts nowadays are kinda expensive too. Of all the shops i went, and mostly were at least RM50 for a pair of shorts wtf. Just chip in another RM10 or 20 can get a pair of nice long jeans already. Grrr. haha. I sounded kiam sap i know. But yesterday, i got that 2 pair of shorts for only RM75! And one tank top for only RM15! I wanted it long time ago, but it was RM39. So i thot it wasn't that worth it la RM39 for a tank top. Since they mark down till RM15 i just grab it. hehe. I just have this thing for tank tops la kay. I couldn't count with my fingers already how many i have in my cupboard. Toes also tak cukup! =D

One more day to year 2010! Hopefully it'll be a better year. I know it will.

Miss all the college mates!! (:

I dreamt about you again last night
I can no longer bear the pain.

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