Sunday, March 21, 2010

No sweat.

Have you ever feel so embarrassed with wet armpits which were so clearly seen on your clothes? Imagine you yourself, or even the person standing next to you is trying to stop a taxi and lifted up his/her hand and the next minute you saw the sweat stains. Worst, when you realized the air you breathe were so unpleasant that you even felt like puking.

Back in school days, i used to take public transports with friends to go to shopping centers and thus, whenever the train or bus is so packed like sardins, we'll feel really uncomfortable with the air that we breathe. Imagine the mixed body odours and bacterias are circulating around the bus. There's once, we were standing right next to this man who is around his mid 20s. The bus braked out of the sudden and he lifted up his hand to grab the holder. The moment he did that, me and my friend were like staring into each other eyes. We saw the sweat stains and what not, the smell was real.............bad.

You see, sweating is a natural process that is essential for the functioning of our body to excrete unwanted waste products. However, the extreme cases of sweating does more harm than good. People that are suffering from axillary hyperhidrosis will usually see themselves experiencing both embarrassment and frustration whenever they interact with other people.

But fret not, you may now forget about all the traditional ways to reduce armpit sweat or body odour such as using lemon or lime because something great is coming to your rescue! That is the..........
Adidas Action 3!

It is the first absorbent anti-perspirent deo spray by Adidas with a triple action!

This Adidas Action 3 is now available at all Adidas Flagship store nationwide and at any convenient stores near you!

See! Now your problem has been solved!

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