Friday, March 12, 2010

An intruder named SNAKE entered my house wtf.

No idea why lately my house has been visited by uninvited guests. Few weeks back it was a gigantic moth, of which the size is bigger than that of my hand. Than it was a frog, at the back of my house. Than last two days, for the first time in 15 years of us living in this house, guess who the intruder is?

It was a S.N.A.K.E! Have i mentioned that i hate creatures that either have no legs or have too many legs?

You see, my brother wanted to go to college at 5 pm (i wasn't back yet from college), and so he opened the wooden door, and shouted at the top of his lungs. Mum thought whats wrong, and he said he saw a snake. She then tried to peep outside of the door through her room window but the snake wasn't there. So obviously, it's already inside the living hall. Then there they went, hunting for the snake to make sure it doesn't wriggles into any of the rooms. It was at the back of our sofas, each time they push out the sofa, it wriggles super quick. With each person holding Shieldtox on their hand, they just kept on spraying the poor little baby until it was quite dizzy. It finally wriggles and hid behind the television set.

I came back with two more other friends and they have no choice but to stay with us to catch the poor little baby. Called the bomba and we still continue to have 'war' with it until the bomba men arrive. The 'war' lasted bout an hour okay! shiiieseees.

The way it wriggles and glides is super menggelikan i tell you. In the end it wriggles until it went to my neighbour's house instead.

See, it's darn freaking long!

That pillar was just beside the grill of my house and thus angeline and myself kept on observing it while holding broom sticks. Just incase it crawls up to the roof we could push it down with the sticks.

At bout 6pm, 4 bomba men arrived. That also bro gotta drive out to Alam Jaya to lead them to my house. Next time bomba gotta use GPS k?

Kudos to them! :) And those bomba men are really such jokers wei.

Anyways, some said whenever a snake come into the house, it meant good luck or something good gonna happen. But most of the time, my grandma would say don't kill these kinda creatures because it sort of like represent someone. But to my mum, she always say that these uninvited guests normally is something not so good because who wants their house to be visited by these intruders.

My mum was right. It was a bad omen. Yesterday night, two of our cars got banged. Dad's car was the worse because the impact was great at the back and it hit the gate opened until it hit my bro's car. Like WTF. New car dude. Thanks to the opposite neighbour who was drunk and wanted to sleep in the car and without him knowing he pull down the handbrake. His car slided down and KABOOM! There goes my dad's car. Urgh. Bloody drunken guy.


"Karma will come and bite you and eat you!"

And no no, i'm not referring to the neighbour. Inside story. :)

Have a great weekend ahead peeps! Muah!

It was a hell of an experience!


kenwooi said...

having snake is pretty scary.. you still dare to go take photo of it.. haha.. glad everyone is safe =)

Sophia Lai said...

It was terrifying i tell you. Haha. Coz my friend was there, and she's really brave. The snake also like half dizzy dy, so it stayed in a place for quite a while. So took its picture. =P

Yup, luckily everyone is safe. =)

Jackie Loi said...

should take d pic of ur cars damage XP

Sophia Lai said...

heh! i did! but yet to transfer into the comp. heartsick wei.