Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Heaven can wait.

It's just another typical Tuesday where we went movies together in Mid Valley. Been a few weeks we missed out our weekly routine so waa-lah, we did it today! But still, some couldn't make it. =(

As usual, we took shutter bus to Tasik Selatan and then took ktm to Mid. Got our tickets for Just Another Pandora's Box. Wanted to watch How to Train Your Dragon but bro said wanna watch it this coming Friday. But see see, plan changed. So, anyone wanna date me for How to Train Your Dragon in 3D version? Hehe.

Had Sushi Zanmai for lunch.


The girls'.

This is Ah Leong.

Pretty Kelly and Angeline!

Sorry la Arthur, u sat beside me so no pic. =P

All in all, today is a pretty good day. Had a good laugh before we start stressing out over finals. =)


If only i could go to such breathtaking places like this every single night.
The darkness, the moon, the lights reflected by the lake etc etc etc.
Ahhhh, pure bliss.

Here's a song to the one
that stole my heart and ran away
that even cupid couldn't catch him.

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