Friday, March 26, 2010

Life's a swinging bridge.

For the first time in F&A class, i actually understand what the leng zai lecturer was talking about. LOL. And the whole bunch of crazy monkeys sitting right in front of us were so darn funny. They were asking darling Angeline to translate all the dirty minded stuffs in tamil language. Being the innocent-but-not-so-innocent-afterall, she pun translate everything la. All the kunji illek and mulek illek. And kunji sade which means dick fighting! *if im not mistaken* Haha.

Then as usual, we skipped the movie part and headed to McD together with Houng. Then went to the park for a walk and sent the darling back home. Kinda like not complete without the existence of dearie Panda. Huhu. So if you're reading this my dear, note that you gotta take good care of yourself k! And fyi, three of us gotta do Run Lola Run. Because that Tack Tack was like dying to do Spirited Away so much. Heh. =P

Anyways, tomorrow's gonna be a super long day. The Energizer/Adidas Night Run is gonna flagged off at Cyberjaya tomorrow at 9pm so imma gonna work from 8am till 2am in the morning. But i gotta wait for a friend near college as early as 6am. Sighs. This is what you get when you're running out of cash. Bleh.

And oh, i'm sure everyone knows that tomorrow is Earth Hour. So kindly please switch off all your lights or even the power supply from 8.30pm - 9.30pm to save our mother earth.

If you reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally can't live without your tv or computer, then at least off your lights thankyouverymuch.

Off to bed! Tata!

Nan unei kadikekirin. (Not so sure on the kadikekirin part but it simply meant I LOVE YOU!)

I did a 'good' charity.