Saturday, March 20, 2010

Guinness St. Patrick's Festival @ One Utama.

I know everyone was hardcore partay-ing last night. Since i'm considered underage (how sad) to go for Henessy Artistry in Opera, i ended up in Guinness St. Patrick's Festival instead! It was held at Central Park Avenue in One Utama and the event was quite happening also larh. =)

*A huge one made out of balloons.*

There were lotsa booths, including F&B, Games, Face Painting and Air Brush Tattoos to name a few. Wanted to do the face painting but oh boy, my level of patience plunged right to the core by just looking at the queue. So ended up in the games section instead. For every game you successfully passed, you'll receive a magnet. ^.^

Balancing of golf ball till it reaches the goal.
Yours truly is good in balancing stuffs so succeeded in the first attempt and got herself the magnet. *yeay*

This is only for the macho-pacho-people to play. I don't think i saw any ladies playing this. heh.

There were also performances, dancing and singing by local bands. But all i know was An Honest Mistake was there. But didn't get to see them perform on stage. I miss out on the comedy part as well cause' mummy wanted to go home. Awwwww...

And and while we were walking around the F&B booths, there was this ang mo couple who were so kind to give us a card to redeem a free pint of Guinness Draught.

So mestila we terus headed to Jarrod & Rawlins's booth to redeem it! (^.^)

1 for RM10. But 4 for RM20. If you were to buy, which one will you pick? You do the math.
Gimmick eh. =)

Thank you to the ang mo couple. But Guinness is so not my type. It's creamy-ish and too bitter-ish.


The blasting of firecrackers!

You may ignore the dick looking balloons. =b


Have a great weekend peeps!

You can't deny the fact that
We were meant to be together.


kenwooi said...

i think what you had was guinness stout.. stout tastes really bad in my opinion.. guiness draught is better =)

Sophia Lai said...

Hello Ken! Erm, i think it was draught because it was from the tap and it's written Guinness Draught. Either way, draught or stout, i don't like them both since stout has a even stronger taste. =b