Sunday, March 28, 2010

I realized the bigger dreams of mine.

Just a quick update.

Yesterday was a long productive day. After 15 hours of work, reached home about 2 o'clock in the morning, showered and off to bed at 3am. Today, i woke up at freaking 1pm. Took my lunch and slept again from bout 2 something till 6. Hehe. I'm such a pig today i know and i love being one. =b

But the bad thing about today is the scorching hot weather. The house was like oven. lol. When we left for Pavilion at about 6.30pm, the sun was still shining bright.

It's not so clear in the pic but the sun was literally red in colour. No wonder i could feel as if i'm being barbequed at home.

Dinner @ Ichiban Boshi. I was a satisfied patron. heh.

Neways, will blog about the Energizer/Adidas Night Marathon when i get the pictures from the oh-so-good boss. Stay tuned!

Till then! Say hello to the Monday blues.

P/s : Happy birthday kor kor! =)

I wish i knew what i wanted.

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