Sunday, August 1, 2010

MTV World Stage @ Sunway Lagoon.

Sunway gave 2 tix to MTV World Stage! :D

I look really tired. It has been a week of so-called depression. Too many things happened, too much mixed emotions, too many things on hold. I know i'd been saying this for the umpteenth time.

I wasn't really hyped up because i'm not really a big fan of Katy Perry nor Wonder Girls. And i don't really like being in crowded places unless i have a bunch of psychotic friends but bro and myself still give it a shot because we wanted to do some shopping before the concert. =)

This was 6 something, and it was raining.

This was almost 9, still raining. Yet those people are still there. Such fanatics.
(PS: No umbrellas are allowed.)

But anyway, we left like 9 something right after Wonder Girls performance as they did the opening. It was quite a wet day and i couldn't afford to get sick because i still need to put myself together to do my assignments and prepare for finals. Plus i don't like the sandy area. >:@

Came home, had 2 Ramly Burgers for dinner+supper, online and did the essay. Half way thru, there's this pretty huge butterfly flew in and kept flying around me. I went to the kitchen, it followed. I came back to the hall, it followed again. Lastly, it stopped right outside the door of my room. Even till i went to bed at almost 2, it was still there.

Thanks for visiting, you pretty butterfly. I'm sorry that part of your wing is broken but yes, butterflies never fail to cheer me up.

PS: Another round of pot luck party with the family. Sinful night geez.


Look me in the eyes,
and tell me that you're happy now!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sue Fair! It's a moth! not Butterfly!!! nice blog btw..

Sophia Lai said...

LEOPARD LOO! No, i would rather call it butterfly!! :D

Leonard said...

Hey! stop calling me with my surname! and no more Leopard ok? haha! i am a human!, didn't know you got an english name...

Sophia Lai said...

Hey, why sound so serious? =b *sorry* Haha, got...given by my auntie coz its hard to pronounce sue fei. So sophia lorh. :D

Leonard said...

I agree with your aunts, but Sue Fair sounds better =P

Anonymous said...

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