Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sober up!

Emo shiet.

Did you forget that i was even alive?
Did you forget everything we ever had?
Did you forget, did you forget about me?

Did you regret ever standing by my side?
Did you forget we were feeling inside?
Now i'm left to forget about us

But somewhere we went wrong
We were once so strong
Our love is like a song, you can't forget it

So i guess this is where we have to stand
Did you regret ever holding my hand?
Never again, please don't forget, don't forget

We had it all, we were just about to fall
Even more in love, than we were before
I won't forget, i won't forget about us

And at last all the pictures have been burned
And all the past is just a lesson that we've learned
I won't forget, please don't forget us

Somewhere we went wrong
Our love is like a song but you won't sing along
You've forgotten about us.


I must say, Library is a great place to chill out! Played game, got a little tipsy and started yelling that i wanna go and pee in Gardens before we head home. Such an embarrassment but there was no one there so thank gawd! Thank you mohawk. =D

Today, went to Pavilion with the family. Got myself two dresses and now i feel guilty! But scrape that, it was worth it! I released stress through splurging. I'd spent like 200+ in two days. Now i left with 100+. How to shop with the babes? =O

Guilt. Guilt. Guilt.

I hate this guy. He got a tee with that stupid looking monkey face printed on it. And he's such a fanatic over Quiksilver. Blah! Me want monkey on my tee too... =(

I guess i shall just hit the sack. Goodnight!


I don't wanna miss a thing.

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