Sunday, August 22, 2010

I miss those brown eyes that used to stare at me passionately.

Home sweet home!

Four days in Aunt Lynnda's house was totally blissful and what not with the baby cousin around. I think i'd easily gain another one or two kgs as i was literally eating the whole day. At least five scrumptious meals a day because there's too many choices of food there in Kota Damansara. Yummmms!

The baby cousin who is so fascinated over alphabets, numbers and traffic lights.
Aunt's house looks more like a kindergarten now. He's one lucky kid!

So on Friday night, we head to Royale Bintang Curve for Ramadhan Buffet. The best thing about our country is that we celebrate every festivals together and when it comes to Ramadhan month, which is the special month to cleanse one's soul, what's the best? Juadah and Ramadhan buffet of course! No hanky panky stuffs aight! (Minah, i hope you're reading this. Hah!)

Just a few pics coz' i was busy gobbling up the food. Teehee! =)

Break fast by having dates for a quick energy boost.

Delightful buffet spread to whet your appetite.

The salads and desserts section.

I love the mutton masala!

The satay sauce is really delicious.

They grill it right there and then. It's hot but doesn't meet our expectations.

It's the companions that matters. This is quite an experience.
Thank you Uncle Alvin. =)

On Sunday then, it was Wang Lee Hom's showcase in One Utama. And no, i did not go there to purposely stalk him but it's because i need to go back to Cheras so Vic offered a ride since he's there. But no doubt that his song is quite a hit.

Here's a video that i found in YouTube where Lee Hom sang that one and only song - Ni Bu Zhi Dao De Shi. It's the theme song for his movie Love in Disguise btw. Credits to Joanne.

He's such a heart-throb i know. =)

And here's the full music video. Enjoy!

對不起 我卻沒捉緊你.

(I'm sorry i did not grab hold of you.)


Out of boredom.

PS: They say, when a door slams right at your face, another door opens. Well, there's many doors open, but mine's close. I'm seriously worn out. =(


A glance was more than enough.

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