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History of Radio.

In 1887, Heinrich Hertz, a German physicist, successfully send and detected radio waves. Guglielmo Marconi used Hertz' efforts to build a wireless communication device that could send Morse code - dots and dashes - from a transmitter to a receiver. Marconi started a wireless telegraphy company that would play an important part in early radio's development.

Reginald Fessenden and Lee De Forest provided breakthroughs that would make broadcasting - as opposed to sending dots and dashes possible. Fessenden with the help of the General Electric (GE) Corporation, built a high speed, continuous-wave generator that could broadcast the human voice and music. De Forest invented the vacuum tube, originally called audion, which made it much easier to receive radio signals.

After the war, corporate America recognized the potential of radio. A new company - Radio Corporation of America (RCA), was formed and acquired the assets of the U.S. division of the Marconi Company. Stock in RCA was held by some of the biggest companies of the period: AT&T, General Electric, and Westinghouse. David Sanoff, an employee of Marconi Company who later becomes head of RCA, suggested that one day this new invention would become a 'radio music box'.

Frank Conrad, an engineer for the Westinghouse in Pittsburgh, tinkered with radio as a hobby. He built a radio transmitter in his garage and started broadcasting recorded music, reporting sports scores, and showcasting the musical abilities of his son. The station, KDKA signed on 1920 and is still on air, making it the country's oldest station.

The first network was the National Broadcasting Company (NBC), a subsidiary of RCA, set up in 1927. NBC actually started two networks. One consists of stations originally owned by RCA, and another was make up stations acquired from AT&T when the phone company decided to get out of the broadcasting business. NBC got a competior when the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) went out the air the next year.

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Here's a dedication to you:

When the lights go out, we'll be safe and sound
We'll take control of the world
Like it's all we have to hold on to
And we'll be a dream.

Top songs in my playlist!

1) We'll be a dream - We The Kings ft. Demi Lovato.
2) I love the way you lie - Eminem ft. Rihanna.
3) Impossible - Shontelle.
4) Need you now - Lady Antebellum.
5) Shut up and kiss me - Orianthi.
6) Secrets - One Republic.
7) Nothing on you - B.O.B.
8) Bulletproof - La Roax.
9) If you're not the one - Daniel Beddingfield.
10) I don't want to miss a thing - Aerosmith.
11) Vanilla twilight - Owl City.


Do you remember the nights
we drove around crazy in love?

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