Monday, August 9, 2010

Your life's just one big mess.

I've lost count the sheer number of poeple who had confronted me over this matter. I feel so blessed that they are all here trying to inject some senses into my head. I'm sorry that i'd been such a brat lately. It's all going fine now with all the late night drinking sessions. Thank you! =D Next is dinner with V and movie marathon with the boo! <3

And it's Mega Sales. MEGA. Shopping spree with the dear, darling and the babe yeay!



Tired of getting shit wasted. I'm sick of puking.


Mind's playing tricks on me.

1 comment:

eCYM said...

late nite drinking sessions huh ??
well be extra careful when u go clubs, ait... u know wat im talkin abt !! :)