Friday, July 30, 2010

Clive Anniversary @ Zouk.

Clive celebrated it's 2nd Anniversary party at Zouk KL last night! Thanks to bro, we had 8 VIP passes and thank gawd Jamie and me got in because you know la....teehee. It was a party ala Beach Party Style but nothing like water or some sort like that but there's only floats and beach balls around LOL. And hawt cover girls and models and Wii and Andrea Fonseka who only came for less than 10 minutes.

Pretty Jamie, Carine and yours truly. =)

Free flow of Guinness yo!

L-R: Victor, Jamie, mua, Carine, Gilbert, Leonard and Kar Wei.

Thank you for the great night! =)

Andrea Fonseka and now her husband, Paul Dewar.
*Hats down to Paul Dewar for successfully proposing to Andrea for the third time and the best one!*

PS: Munching on my all time favourite; Honey-comb biscuits. YUMS!


You stole my heart
And crumbled it like the egg tart.

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