Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just stand there and see me burn, cause' i like the way it hurts. Just stand there and see me cry, cause' i love the way you lie.

"Dearie, i know it's very hard on you lately but no matter what, please be strong. God definitely has his reasons behind His actions. Brave through it all with strength. We will all be here supporting you in any ways that we can. You know we have your back dearie. Be strong.
God bless daddy's soul."
*hugs you tight*


It's been a tough month and i'm definitely working behind schedule. Lotsa things happened lately and they happened in a glance that i couldn't even appreciate everything that i had. I wish i could slow down the time a lil so that i could balance my time between work and play wisely.
But time is a cruel thief. Yet, time also proofs everything.


You, i wouldn't deny the fact that i'm missing you so much now that you're no longer mine. I wish you would come around and hold my hands and tell me that everything's gonna be fine like how you used to do. There's so many things i wish i could tell you, yet it's not appropriate. I'd been so lost lately, but i know i have to get back on track. I will learn to live without you, and i hope you stay happy as well...

*KJH! Take care of him ar! =)

**Boyfriends come and go, but true friends remain. =)


I never knew i would love you this much.

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