Saturday, July 3, 2010

TAO Authentic Asian Cuisine.

Last night we (Aunt Lynnda, Uncle Alvin, Ayden, Bro, Hwei Ling and myself) went to TAO for early buffet dinner. Personally it's not as what i'd expected but overall it was still okay, judging from the price. It is one of the cheapest Asian cuisine buffet you can get in town, roughly about RM50 per person. Quality wise, well as i said, it's not what i'd expected but depending on what you order as well. I don't know if it's because of me that completely lost my appetite, (woke up at the wrong side of the bed) or the food just ain't tasty enuff to tickle my taste buds wtf. YET, i gobbled up all the food like as if i had a huge grudge on them since i was literally buried in mixed emotions.

Anyway, they had a branch in Penang but if i'm not mistaken it's not a buffet style. But this particular branch here in Sunway Giza, is buffet style! You have 2 hours to order ANY dishes from the menu, roughly about 40 dishes for you to choose from. And then you have the table spreads, where you can take as much as possible, as long as your big belly could seize.

(Ps: Wastage of 100g and above will be charged separately. Hah!)

*Very lil pictures. HPhone camera sucks.

This is one of the best.
The sauce is yummy!

Chuka Wakame and Chuka Idako.
The Chuka Idako tasted weird somewhat.

All time fav!
Can eat until cirit-birit. LOL. Just kidding.

Unagi with steamed taufu.

The wooden clip to order your teppanyaki set.

I like the ambience of the restaurant but i feel their table arrangement is kindda too packed.

All in all, if you were to ask me to go back there for another round, i might need to think twice. Or more. Idk. And oh, the chefs are darn freaking ham sap and irritating. oOo

For the next round would be in Umai-ya situated at Damansara Uptown! *wide smile to the ears*

(Ps: Try not to go during the weekends because they'll have two sessions. Go between Monday to Thursday then you'll have all the time in the world to devour the food.)

Oh gosh, feeling sinful. Diet? Not yet. =b


Hoping that the FIFA WC would faster end. The boyf is ditching me all the time. GRRRR. =/ And oh btw, it doesn't mean that my relationship is not legitimate just because i don't publish it in Facebook. You arse-O.


We WILL make it thru.
FAITH is all i have.

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