Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chinese New Year - Part 5.

#Chap Goh Mei.#

It is the last day of Chinese New Year, the 15th day. The family decided to go 4th aunt's house again to help her to clean up after all the big mess during the party the night before especially those paper bags of Chinese New Year goodies that were brought by the guests. So we were enjoying unpacking all the bags, there were lotsa hampers, and as usual, lotsa wines, cabernet, chiraz and burgundy. But what i love most was there's loads of chocolates! Couldn't resist the temptation weyh.

White chocolate with milk chocolate filling! *loves*

Then approximately about 4 something in the evening, we decided to bring baby Ayden to the swimming pool to kick the water. He was enjoying so much that he refused get up at all after that. Told him that inside the 4th aunt's house has a swimming pool a.k.a bathtub then only he stopped crying. heh.

After that, we went to Klang to visit some uncle and they bought us yummay seafood dinner at this restaurant called Sungai You.

Fried mini squid with marmite.

Tom yum soup.

Grilled stingray.

Salted egg crabbies.

Black pepper crabbies.

Thank you Ah Ku Soon! And thank you for the great hospitality. =)

I'm hungry!

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