Saturday, February 27, 2010

Desperado case.

Aloha! I just came back from my 4th aunt's open house at Binjai and my stomach is bloated! Super delicious food and there's so many people. Trying to fish some rich leng zai there but mission failed. Mostly younger ones but hell they are so darn filthy rich lol.

Instead, got this desperado case aunty trying to matchmake me and her son since like 2 or 3 years back. The thing is, we only meet during my aunt's open house or so coincidence get to meet once or twice in shopping malls. Normally she would just say a lil bit of her son stuffs because back then he was still studying in London. But this time around, her son is back for good. Really oh emm gee......

Today, she introduced her son and she goes to the extend of asking so much about me - where do i live, where do i study, what zodiac am i, what course am i taking, who fetch me to school, who fetch me home from school etc etc. And then there's this part where my mum said my bunch of friends came to my house for visiting and she went like are there more boys or girls? Like wat the eff. So what if there's more boys. Does it concern you? And then after that she really really really really really asked my mum if her son could bring me out for a date. Thank god i wasn't there when she asked that question. If not i`ll definitely give her my du lan look.

She actually asked for my phone number too wtf. But mum gave her our house number instead. Great. Seriously, i've never seen such desperado case before. I know your family is darn rich but i'm sorry i'm not so money-faced and your son is not even close to meeting my expectations of a boyfriend. Plus, it seems like you're more interested in me than your son. haha. If your aim is just to have a close relation with my 4th uncle and aunt then i have to be honest, you may eff off.


Anyways, happy Chap Goh Mei everyone. It's the last day of Chinese New Year so be prepared for the blasting of firecrackers! *I still wanna collect red packets ler...shiet*

One of the eye appears smaller than the other because it's swollen since the last 2 days. =( And oh, the pic looks like i'm having short hair eh? =P


One last round of makan besar!

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