Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentine's Day movie premiere screening @ Curve.

Just came back from Valentine's Day movie premiere screening! *happy* But will continue with my half way written post first before i move on about the movie. :)


Tobby left me for exactly a year today. Though he only got to live about 2 years but those times where he used to cheer me up with his crazy monkey bar stunts are really amusing. He's like the only thing that i could turn to and express my emotions. ( Without even condemning you or anything ) Oh wait, i used to talk to my this HUGE teddy whenever i'm depressed but scrape that. At least Tobby could run around and squeaks but the teddy only sits there and stare blankly at you! heh!

I knew that hamsters' life can only last to a maximum of 2-3 years. ( Yes, Tobby is a rodent. lol. ) But i didn't know that he'll die that fast. And he chose to die a day right after CNY. After the 15th day. lol. Smart? He was so ill around the 10th or 11th day and i wanted to bring him to the vet so much but lotsa ppl said that it's pointless. So yea, he died in the morning of 9th Februrary 2009 and then we buried him outside at the garden. I then realized that even i felt so upset over a death of a rodent, who was only with me for 2 years, what more if its your own family member right? I think the thought of having a pet dog just came crashing down the next minute. Could not handle that kind of heartache. :)

*In loving memory of Tobby.*
I hope you'd reborn as a good kid k? =)
And tell me hows 'daddy' is? Please?


So back to the Valentine's Day movie. I`ll give it two thumbs up.

Quite hilarious tho. And what more when it's like all the all-stars in it. But then again, if you're single now and still picking up the pieces, better not to watch it or watch it after the 14th of February coz' it'll definitely remind you of your ex. And then you'll start thinking about stuffs, reminiscing your past. ( Maybe it's just me la but yea. ) But if you have your significant one now, go watch it!! =P

Probably it's kinda a good idea to throw a party for everyone that hates Valentine's Day. =)

And yes, everyone loves to hear the 3 powerful words.......

'Let's Go Naked!'. ^.^

p/s : Thank you Nuffnang! :)

It's 2 smthing now and i shall hit the sack. It's been a long day.

Am a happy child!

You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe.

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