Monday, February 22, 2010

Year of the Tiger - Part 3.

#Ayden's 1 year old birthday celebration on the 7th day of Chinese New Year.#

Ayden finally turns one! We had a small party for him last Saturday and invited a few relatives and aunt's close friends to join. The hall of our Malacca home somewhat turns in to a mini playground with a plastic swimming pool (not filled with water) and a tent. It was all so colourful and i lurve it loads. Felt so much like a kiddo in wonderland. =)

A very simple card prepared by my aunty.

And then we have this kind of tradition of which i have no idea inherited from which ancestor. When the baby turns 1 year old, we have to lay 4 stuffs for the baby to pick. The 4 stuffs are money, book, pen and red egg. If the baby picks the money, means in the future he'll be rich, if book means he'll be smart, if red egg means he'll be a big eater and i've got no idea about the pen. Maybe he'll end up signing off lotsa cheques? or write his own book?

So guess what this baby picked?

Yes, the book! First he took the book, then secondly he grabbed the money. haha. Both very important components in life. =) So i asked my mum what did i picked last time. Unfortunately she has forgotten and so i made my own assumption. I guess i picked the red egg because i'm such a pig right now, gobbling every single stuffs into my mouth all the time. kekeke.

He's still in the process of teething. So everything also he wants to bite, including my hand.

First time playing in the swimming pool.


You're better than the best.

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