Thursday, February 25, 2010

Year of the Tiger - Part 4.

#Bai Tee Gong.#

The 8th day of the Chinese New Year is a significant day for the Hokkiens and it means praying to the Heaven God. It is the day where we placed the offerings on the table which include ang ku kueh, pau, oranges, pineapples, roasted pig, roasted duck and a few more others stuffs which bring good meanings. The prayers normally start bout 10pm till after midnight about almost 1. Growing up in a close-knit traditional Hokkien family (mum's side), Bai Tee Gong is consider one of the big day for us whereby the family members will get together to usher in this auspicious day.

As for my family, after my uncle's passing, my grandma decided to pray vegetarian from then on. So there's no roasted pig nor roasted duck. It was a very simple one and grandma said apparently Tee Gong (The Heaven God), is a vegetarian. Owwwhh....

*Hopefully the Tee Gong heard my prayers.* =)


It's the last 3 days of Chinese New Year and it's all gonna be about the food, food and MORE food. Gonna have steamboat tonight at Maluri, open house in my 4th aunt's place at Binjai Residence tomorrow night, and pot luck party at 1st aunt's place on Chap Goh Mei. Weee!

Start from next week onwards, really gotta work out in the gym already. =)

For now, you guys have a great weekend ahead.


It's time for crackers on Chap Goh Mei again!

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