Saturday, April 23, 2011

Playboy Fragrances for Women Launch Event @ Mid Valley

Following the successful launch of Playboy first global fragrance line for men in 2009, Playboy has launched its fragrance line for women yesterday which include PLAY IT LOVELY, PLAY IT SEXY and PLAY IT SPICY. With these new variants, ladies can now posses the attitude to make an art of seduction, from flirtation to temptation, and finally total captivation.

A PLAYBOY woman seeks 6Ps in her life, namely the Perfect dress, Precious stone (that's where the line that says diamonds are ladies best friend), Penthouse, Platinum card, Posh car and finally, Playboy fragrances for women. Life would be perfect ain't?

Thus, in conjunction with the launch event, there was a special contest held in Mid Valley yesterday especially for bloggers where one lucky winner will get to win a Burberry sling bag worth RM2k+!!


The rule was to dress up as creatively and in our own interpretation according to any of the 6Ps. Obviously many of us went for the perfect dress, but as for myself, i was basically nothing of that. So to be on the safe side, it's under the range of Playboy fragrances for women - Sexy, Lovely and Spicy. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. ;)

The babe!

Luckily Shannon was there as well! At least i don't feel so lost! =P

*dyam, i need to go for liposuction!!*

Event kicked off at almost 3pm, with a short interview session. It was such an epic embarrassing moment!! But it was definitely an unforgettable experience. =D

But what's greater than getting to pose with the sleek and sporty Maserati Granturismo S09? =D

*totally random*

In a nutshell, it was definitely an incredible experience and i thank Nuffnang for the invitation! And not to forget Playboy for organizing the event and the goodie bags! =D

*epic failure in attempting to be a bunny*

Have a blessed Easter everyone!! Have you got your Easter Bunny? =D

Till then! Have a good night mate! =))


What can i do?
Rules have to be obeyed.


Serge Norguard said...

good to see you again.

cosmocraze said...

wah, ur pictures are awesome... mine was a bit blurry...

Sophia Lai said...

@serge: Oh hi! ;)
@cosmocraze: Thanks! That's cause i filter the pics first. Quite a number of blurry pics as well. :P

jooi said...

hello there.. do u know where can i get one of these?