Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What a great start to the month of May.

The title says it all. But in a not-so-good way. Why?

Cause' i'm having BAD sore throat and flu for 4 days now. I'm afraid that it's tonsillitis instead of the normal sore throat cause' it's PAINLIKEFXCK. &^*&^*^%%^%&$&%$$$%$%$%$%#

Surviving on these only. But the med doesn't help to ease the pain.
Screw you doc. Why give me Vitamin C when all i need is a stronger dose of antibiotic?! I want back my family doctor! Grrrrrrrr!

Seriously, what a way to start the month of May and the start of my new semester right? Sux max. Pffft.

Anyhoo, i found a way to calm myself down, is by looking at this...

*taken in Cameron*

Somehow i find peace in looking at this building.

And i shall sleep soundly tonight.

Goodnight dears.


Wish that this will lasts more.

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