Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Truly A Shopper

Retail therapy.

The two words that is so strong that regardless you're a man or a lady, you'll definitely go crazy when it comes to pampering yourself with luxuries. But what's greater than being able to walk away with RM 10,000 in cash and RM 5,000 worth of prizes, earning you the bragging right to the title - Truly A Shopper? Yes, it's like being on cloud nine!

Truly A Shopper is an upcoming online reality show that puts the spotlight on one of the nation's favourite past time ; shopping. It's mission is to search for the country's most skillful shopaholic. 24 potentials shoppers had been chosen during the audition and later 12 lucky shoppers whose been voted by the public had the chance to continue in embarking their journey on the stages of Truly A Shopper.

All these 12 shoppers undergo tasks that challenge their shopping skills, where factors such as budget, strategy, discount, taste and fashion will be put to test. Spanning six episode (there's one final episode left), our judges will decide on who are the ones that deserve to stay every week and be one step closer to be crown as Truly A Shopper. There is only four shoppers that will be qualified for the final task.

Personally, I like Episode 4 - Truly A 'Gifted' Shopper whereby Iva, Swing, Ahlam, Teo, Chai and Jen Nie take Sunway Pyramid. They will have to draw 3 occasions from the Truly A Shopper Jar and look for the perfect gifts to suit the occasion, be it for a farewell party, wedding, Mothers' Day, a 13th year old birthday party or a festive holiday.

I like the way Iva chose her presents because it is true that with the budget, one can't buy a very expensive and exclusive gift. So why not get small things all together so that the person who receive it can have varieties and also very presentable. Furthermore, I would definitely hope that she wins the title because she is definitely one great shopper and she has a great sense of fashion.

Prior to all of that, there are also contests going on for the publics to win prizes such as cash vouchers and more!

#1. Viewer Registration

All you need to do is pick your preferred banner from, copy and paste it into your blog or website. Then register now and if your banner is spotted by the Truly A Shopper Special Agent, you will get a RM50 voucher!!

#2. Funniest Video Contest

If you have a great sense of humor and creative, simply come up with a unique video clip to show how creative you can be when it comes to shopping and why you think you are truly a shopper!

1st prize: Alliance Bank You:nique prepaid card pre-loaded with RM500.
2nd prize : Alliance Bank You:nique prepaid card pre-loaded with RM300.
3rd prize : Alliance Bank You:nique prepaid card pre-loaded with RM200.
Consolation prizes : Alliance Bank You:nique prepaid card pre-loaded with RM100 X 5.

#3. The Big Eyes Gets The Big Mouth Contest.

So who got the BIG EYES?

Those who have watched the show, try to answer questions from every episode. Every 10th entry with correct or best answers will get to walk away with a meal voucher from The Big Mouth worth RM48.80!!

Simply choose one set of question from any episode and send it to now!

#4. Most You:nique Photo Contest.

Alliance Bank is the first and only bank in Malaysia that allow you to personalized your own credit or prepaid card with your own photo. Simply send your most you:nique photo to and once your picture is being uploaded, get your friends to 'like' our Facebook page and 'like' your photo as well.

The top 5 with the most 'like' will win Alliance Bank You:nique prepaid pre-loaded RM200 and the top 6-10 will win Alliance Bank You:nique prepaid card pre-loaded RM100!

All the informations can be obtained from !

So whatcha waiting for? Grab these vouchers to pamper yourself now!

All in all, I personally think that this reality show is very amazing as it not only show the creativity of one person when it comes to retail therapy but it also help to teach the publics about spending in a wise way especially when it comes to a tight budget. Honestly, I can't wait for the results to be announced tomorrow! Spot me at Fahrenheit tomorrow at 8pm!

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