Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Official Launch of Jaz Fresh Lychee @ 17 Saloon, Sunway Giza.

Great news! Apart from Jaz Fresh Beer and Jaz Fresh Aromatic, Napex Brewery has just launched it's new product, Jaz Fresh Lychee Beer on the 28th of May 2011 at 17 Saloon!

Just so you know, Jaz Beer is the first truly Malaysian beer that was introduced in 2007 but probably not many had heard about it. But fret not! Jaz Beer is on its way to penetrate into a larger market as it is at its stage 2 of product life cycle! Which means, it's starting to gain acceptance in the market and profit is at its max! (the fact that i just crack that up 2 minutes ago but it sure does starting to gain attention from the public! lolx. )

It was launched by Napex Brewery Sdn Bhd's Chief Operations Officer Mr. Leslie Chng and Jaz Beer Ambassador, Ms. Gillian Chung.

Performances using recyclable items.


"Jaz Fresh Lychee is a meticulously brewed from only the finest imported natural ingredients under stringent quality control preserve the natural goodness and freshness of beer. Jaz Fresh Lychee is an unfiltered and unpasteurized nutritious fresh beer with a strict-7-day shelf life policy. It is served straight from the keg."

Definitely great for chillax moments. =)

That's the way you do it!!

Uncle, aunt, mom, pop and myself!
Thank you Uncle Fred for the passes!! =D

It was definitely a great day!
More of this please!!


I don't mind wasting my time
for something worthy.


Liaun said...

taste jolly good?

Sophia Lai said...

It's jazzy good. :)