Monday, April 11, 2011

Stun me with your lasers.

29 March 2011.

Celebrated bro's birthday at The Hills.

Watermelon slush or watermelon slice, whichever.
It's combination of vodka and lychee.
Something different.

The weed killer!
Looks like detergent, taste like one.
It says, "Drinking causes blurred vision, loss of balance, impaired speech, increase honesty, questionable judgement and may increase chances of pregnancy. Keep out of reach of children and idiots."
Hell yeah!!

Combination of whipped cream, baileys and i can't recall what else.
This is orgasmic!! =D

9 April 2011.

#1. Draw to Support Autism @ The Curve.

We were at The Curve to support two of mum's children who got selected as finalists for the event, organized by NASOM.

All these children (age 5 & 6) represented their respective schools to take part in this competition. A very meaningful one indeed.

Their work of arts.

Fyi, Autism is the result of a neurological disorder that has an effect on normal brain function, affecting development of the person's communication and social interaction skills. All those signs above begin before the the child is three years old.

Basically, the child would be in their own world and it is very difficult for them to accept changes. Some are temperamental, some have obsessions and patience is needed to communicate with autistic children.

It was such a mesmerizing performance!
I salute his mum for her patience. Despite him for being autistic, i salute him for his talent!!
Let's support autism and lend a hand to these kids!



#2. Self-inflicted violence!!

Wanna take a guess where this is?

It's The Wheels at Subang Avenue! =D

Self-inflicted violence because most of us were complaining about how pain our legs were. You should've see my bro's legs. The one that didn't skate much but the bruises were massive! Hah!
Lets do it again! =D

#3. Dinner with family @ Pasta Zanmai.

Dear unagi, will you marry me please? Like pretty please?
*puppy eyes*
Urgh, i'm freaking hungry but each time i tried to eat something, i'll end up feeling like puking. Whyyyyy oh whyyyyyy. Appetite, come back to mama okay!

11 April 2011.

It's definitely taking its toll on me.
Two down, one more to go!!
And i'll be done with Year 1!

Oh by the way, my hair lost its virginity two weeks back!
It's time for a make-over! =D



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