Saturday, April 16, 2011

capital ell aai eee ass.

You uttered words that stabbed right through her heart, you pinpoint at every mistakes she does, you complained everything about her. How is it possible that you said you will not leave her, yet you're uttering harsh words that pushes her away?



More promises.

More lies.


You're only doing everything you could hoping that she would put a step back, and probably leaves. Then you will have the chance to say she's the one who got away and you'll be the angel. You know it so well that she would do everything to make it up to you, to even walk a thousand miles just to see you, to be there all the goddamn time, but you took that all for granted.

You took it all for granted.

You threw her off the cliff, and you watched as she fell.

Go, go on and find solace in the arms of the other woman.

Congrats in successfully plunging her self-esteem to rock bottom.

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