Monday, May 31, 2010

Be a winner, not a quitter.

Hey guys, i know i'd been losing my blogging mojo recently all thanks to the ASS-ignments and workloads. I'm officially a Degree student now in Mass Communication and i'm loving every single bits of it. Except for one particular subject that is extremely crappy. -____-

Can you imagine we have THREE assignments and TWO presentations meeting on the same deadline? 14th of June that is. Not much time left! GAAAHH!!

My stress level is beyond godlike. *headbang on the wall*

Anyways, i had a great day with Miinyee aka the teddy bear today. Finally got to meet up like after SIX goddamnfreaking years. Heee. But i'm glad that he's way stronger now after his dad's passing last week. At least i could paint a smile on his face. =) *My deepest condolence goes to you and the family. May the God bless daddy's soul*

All the best on your first day of work tomorrow and do keep to your words! Thank you for making time tho! Be strong! *xoxo* =)


"I wish i'm a little kid again, where the hardest choice was picking a crayon."

Everything's gonna be just fine.

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