Thursday, June 3, 2010

Killers Premiere Screening @ GSC One Utama.

*Pheeew* It's another long day and my back felt as if i'm growing wings on it. Been falling sick and out of sick, mind's wandering to no where and mood swings are just so not cool. Stress. Period. But i must say that today's a great day. Finally get to go out for some window shopping and movie is another great way to distress.

So here's another round of premiere screening by Nuffnang.

Hilarious. Flabbergasted. Panic-stricken. Obscene.
But quite predictable.

Katherine Heigl is damn freaking sexy and Ashton Kutcher is so cute!

Neway, i really needa head to bed now. It's gonna be another long day tmrw. Goodnight!

ps : Thank you Jackie!
pps : Thank you Nuffnang!

Loves. =)

It's like watching our last movie together.
Missing you so much now. =(

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