Saturday, June 5, 2010

Friends are like diamonds.

Gathering at Station 1 opposite Leisure Mall.

It was a good catch up with em' peeps last night because it has been a while since i last saw most of em'. It's a gathering cum birthday celebration because someone turn 19 today!
Happy birthday Win Jau!
*smash the whole choc cake on your face*
*Heart you guys loads*


Who believes in miracle? Anyone?

Let the bygones be bygones.


Liaun said...

I do believe in miracle.

Sophia Lai said...

Liaun, in my case, miracle wont happen. I think i know who the girl is and i think i'm so gonna shoot myself. Argh. Anyway, did miracle happened? Where's my 535i? =b

Liaun said...

Aiya.. There's no point that you shoot. 535i is coming soon. In miracle I believe, so should you.

Sophia Lai said...

Then slice myself. XD Soon, how soon? Make sure it's before u leave!! :D:D:D