Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fairness and equality?

"Do you think it's fair to moan over a man who has completely move on and no longer take you as his priority in his life? Do you think it's fair to cry over a man who doesn't even care about you and only wanted to BED you? You weren't staying under one roof with him, what more when you seldom have the chance to even meet him. How does that make you a VERY possessive person then? It wouldn't be surprising if all those days when he was with you, he was also with some other chic behind your back. He was only taking you for granted because he knows you're there. And you WILL be there. Since he chose to brutally leave, why not just let him go and move on with your own life? And since he's totally into another chic right now, what else do you expect? Do you REALLY think he'll come back to you? Or do you WANT to be hurt that way again? Or do you WANT to just slice him like a honey baked ham? Hell no ain't? Trust me, you've totally move on with life, just that you're not happy because he moved on way faster than you do. You know pretty well that you no longer cry as much as you did, and you realized that you are way stronger than that. You know very well that you are better off without him. So never blame yourself for whatever shit that happened. Just be glad. And STOP DEFENDING HIM. "



Liaun said...

very well said. 5 points for you.

Amanda Janelle Quah said...

aww girl i hope u're ok. and yeah certainly such a jackass totally does not deserve u. i've been in that position too. i know it sucks. but u're strong enough. *hugs*

Sophia Lai said...

@Liaun : 5 points for ppl that try so hard to wake me up all these while..finally their words make sense to me..thx to you too.. =)

@Manda : Hi gurl, thx! Haha, u know who it was referring to? It's really sucks but what to do? Life has to go on without him..all we can do is just be strong..*huggies* =)