Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Grand final of Adidas Treadmill Challenge @ Celebrity Fitness, Mid Valley.

Last Saturday was the finale for the Adidas Treadmill Challenge @ Celebrity Fitness, Mid Valley. For those who doesn't know what was it all about, Adidas Treadmill Challenge is sort of like a competition that has been going on for the past one month whereby every participant has to run for 15 minutes on the treadmill and their distances will be recorded. At the end of the day, four top runners from four different Celebrity Fitness ( Mid Valley, Wangsa Walk, Subang Parade and One Utama ) are selected to compete for the grand prize - a miCoach pacer and a miCoach Zone for the first runner-up.

Was there about 0815 to set up the place.

A sneak peak into their goodie bags.
A pair of Adidas sports attire and a RM200 voucher.

miCoach Zone on the left and miCoach Pacer on the right.

Finalists came at 10.
L-R : Mohd Syahidan, Wee Ming, Chen Siong and Andrew Phillips.

And the moment that they'd been anticipating for - the prize giving ceremony. I'm sorry because the pictures are not with me. But the winners are as follow;

Third runner-up : Wee Ming
Second runner-up : Andrew Phillips
First runner-up : Chen Siong
Champion : Mohd Syahidan

Congratulations to all participants! Everyone is still a winner no matter what. =)

The team. Without the boss of coz. Bwahahaha.

Then came lunchie time. As much as i love to eat, i really don't mind spending on good food. So ended up in Chilis! *big smile*

Tasted like currypuffs to me. Pfffft.

I totally forgot what isit called. Super long name that sounded like something spicy honey chicken crispy something something. Whatever it is i'll give two thumbs up for this as it was really tasty and the chicken was tender. Hungry now!!

But this time around i did not pay for the food. So where did all my money go to when i didn't splurge on anything for a very long time already? T____T

Neways, a good news to those that want to win themselves a set of miCoach Pacer. You can now win it by just answering a simple MCQ in Facebook and you might be the lucky one to have your own 'personal coach' to guide you thru! It's such easy-peasy! (Psst, the miCoach pacer costs RM519.) =)

Have a great day!

Thinking of you.

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