Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A million thank yous.

Ello peeps! Thank you so much for all the wishes, presents, red packets and awesome outings! Indeed i had a great time yesterday! *big big hugs*

Especially to the both dearie and darling, thank you for accompanying me throughout the day!
Will upload the pictures soon coz' i really have to head to bed now. Been sneezing so much and i can foresee the fever is on the way~! =(

Btw, Robin Hood is one great movie. Was reluctant to watch it at first but it turns out to be great!

I survived through the day with 2 teeth marks - one on my shoulder and one on my fist.

Benji the dog is cruel. =(



1) With the friends.

Firstly went out with the both dearie, darling and Jian Hong to i-Shabu nearby our uni. Quite a good place, very cozy and comfortable. Most importantly its cheap. RM 5.90 for the set lunch which i couldn't even finish.

Then in the afternoon we headed to Wong Kok @ Leisure Mall. Its somewhat like a tradition to claim the HUGE milk tea. ( Ok, that's not true. It's because we had so much extra time that we didn't know what to do. =P)

Getting horny in the restaurant? *shakes head*

Was forced to do it. T___T

Then movie with Benji. This movie turns out to be really good! Tenkiu tho! =b

2) At Genting with the family.

Then during the weekend, grandparents, 4th uncle and aunt, 5th aunt's family and my family, went up to Genting for a day trip getaway. Since my birthday fall on the same day with my grandpa (our chinese bday is the same), 4th uncle and aunt decided to feed us with yummy food at Genting Palace Restaurant which was situated right beside the Genting casino. BUT, drama happened.

*Steamed Soon Hock*

*Abolone with mushrooms and broccoli in thick gravy*

Despite the good food, their service was quite bad because there's really too many people during the weekend. So the dishes came REALLY slow. First was the steamed soon hock, then after like 20 mins, the abolone dish came. After that, other dishes never come even after we asked the staffs like uncountable times. Then came one waitress that took our order, she apologized because the kitchen forgotten our dishes. Then BAM! First time in my ENTIRE life, i saw my uncle was really on FIRE. Literally. I'm not gonna go on further about what happened, but guess what? He only paid for the abalone dish. Others were free. (Fyi, that steamed fish is more expensive than the abalone). Heeeeee. Seriously i wish i get to eat the other dishes as well because the first two dishes were so freaking delicious. But SIGH. And oh, apparently not only us who were so pissed with them. We saw this table, they started yelling at them too and just went off. Like that.

My lessons-to-be-learnt on that day : Never ever keep your customers waiting and NEVER mess with rich, ELDERLY/ OLD people. NEVER. LOL. (These rich old ppl are the ones that bet freaking RM1k on a single number in roulette and just lose it like that! **** )

3) Dinner with the immediate family at Chilis.

Tequila-lime fish fillet.

Honey chicken crispers.

Lamb shoulder.
This is the BOMB! Love it to the max! Hungry now looking at it. Teehee.

Then told them that it was my birthday, and they came with a slice of brownies with a BIG scoop of ice-cream on top. It's on the house btw and best thing is, they don't check the IC. And it runs for the whole month!

The moment they brought this, a group of staffs came to sing the bday song like so damn effing loud. Embarrassing sia. =P

But really, thank you so much to everyone and for everything! Thank you God for bestowing such great people in my life! =)

Now i cant stop myself
From missing someone like you.

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