Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

To all the mothers in the world, including my grandma, dearest mummy, aunts and not to forget the mummy that is above, i just wanna wish all of you a very HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

Thank you for being such incredible mummy. =)


I'm sorry that i gtg now. Just came back from Malacca and i'm sick. Will continue with this post soon! Goodnight!

And to all football fans, not too late! Tho i know there'll be lotsa zombies-look-alike tmrw. Teehee.


So we were back in Malacca last weekend to celebrate Mother's Day and to bring the grands here in KL. Malacca has always been at the top of my list, the place where i could find peace and serenity, also with varieties of good food which you can hardly find in other places mainly satay celup, chicken rice balls, wantan mee and cendol to name a few. To top that, Malacca is going thru a HUGE makeover; Klebang beach is soon to be named as Klebang Gold Coast (somewhat like Sepang Gold Coast, lol), theme parks will be built right beside the beach, Marina is one awesome project, the man-made island and not to forget a big Aeon Jusco right at da back of my kampung! Now, i can't find any reason why i should not make Malacca as my permanent home in the future...

Ok, kidding.

Back to the main topic. We celebrated Mother's Day one day earlier but oh boy i tell you....all the restaurants are fully booked! We wanted to dine in at Bei Zhan (one of the best restaurants that serves really good food at affordable prices and i'll give 10 thumbs up if i have 10 thumbs wth.) But since it was fully booked (eventho they had 3 floors) we ended up eating at Bayonya because our 2nd and 3rd choice of restaurants also fully booked. Since we've yet to try this out, so we thought why not give it a try.

These authentic home-cooked peranakan dishes were not too bad after all. Except for the omellette fried with cincalok which tasted quite bland.

And we found another new place that serves yummy char kuey teow and wantan mee. It's a kopitiam btw.

The ais kacang is damn old skool, saw my 'rokok' biscuits? :D

It's the mango season too so the 2 huge mango tress planted outside gradpa's house were well-bloomed, with mangoes of course.

We got 4 baskets of all these mangoes! :D
I love pickled mangoes. Yumsss!

Anyways, we bought apron for mummy last year because she's been asking for a new set of apron like so long before that and it was literally a present from Johshua PYS since he paid for it. =) But sadly, i think mummy somewhat knows that we're no longer together, so she also no longer wears the apron. She would give me all sorts of reasons each time i asked her about it till i get so tired of asking. I understand that she cares for how i feel but it's just so heart-warming to see her wears it all the time but now? *sigh*

This year around, i insisted that she personally choose her gift instead. =)

You see, mummy didn't have her ear lobes pierced so in times like this, it's really hard to find stud earrings. The moment she saw this, BAM, a hole in my purse. Heeee, obviously it was worth it. =D

It's time to hit the sack! Nitez!

*i really wonder if he ever reads my blog or stumble across my tweets*

I would had had a great time
If today was last year.
IMY bby.

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