Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy belated Mid-Autumn Festival!

It's a delayed Mid-Autumn Festival post coz' i was way too lazy to blog about anything the whole week. Nothing much happening for the past few days, as usual, college life with the bunch will always be great but i dislike the fact that things are ruining. Oh well~!

Back to the main topic.

This year mooncake festival was a bit dull without grandparents, eldest uncle and fifth aunt family. But still, we did a small bbq party to makan-makan and to main-main with lanterns and candles.

Home-made satays. Mummy marinated them. Sedappppp giler. Can i say it's better than Satay Kajang? hehe.

I tried making a heart shape one out but failed. Truly stated that i don't feel loved. =(

I think i personally still prefer the green one.

Don't ask me why there's not even a pic of mooncake. I was busy eating and that's all i have. Hehe. And oh, the sad part - the moon was being so shy by hiding behind the clouds. It was way too cloudy that night. *sigh* But i got one picture of moon that i took last year with my ciplak camera phone.

The moon turns out to be heart-shaped! A well-distorted pic.
That's what you get when you're in love. lol. Miss those times seriously. Click on it to have a larger view.

Btw, can anyone tell me how is this taste like?

Like seriously. A DELIGHTFUL. SPOTTED. DICK. PUDDING. One thing for sure it's soft. Pudding



I fake a smile so he won't see.

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Valerie said...

the satay just seemed soooo delicious la ><