Thursday, October 22, 2009

You're a sycophantic scumbag.

Do you ever think that you deserve to be even greeted that way? What's the point of you having a so-called 'good' reputation when the members don't even respect you? What's the point of YOU getting those 'reputation' and rank when you're just being such a bootlicker? Yes, human are greedy and always take things for granted. But what's the point. You can be all nice and lovely infront of them. Still, you're a effing hypocrite to the rest. He can have all the good impressions on you, and the bad ones about me. You can brainwash them all you want, cause' i don't give two shits.

Talking about drama here.

Seriously, shame on you.

I'm not done ranting yet but i'm darn sleepy.

I'm perpetually pissed off. Fuck the PMS.

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