Saturday, October 31, 2009

When all you really have is only the four walls at home.

This is basically the second post of the day because TODAY. IS. A. DAYMMMNN. BORING. DAY. I don't know why but i just don't like to be home the whole day. It feels like as if i'm suffocating. And it feels kinda weird not to be in college, somehow. So i must thank those great buddies ( Woon Chin, Kelly, Carrick and Nicholas ) for our singing session yesterday at Greenbox. Woohoo~! You see, last few nights had been really sucky. And i was nearly going berserk. Ok, maybe i was berserk. and crazy. and insane. and mad. and psycho. and berserk. and crazy. and insane. and mad. gila. Yes, you get what i mean. And for once i did'nt have to worry and kept on thinking about stuffs for a couple of hours or so. At least. Not sure if it's because of the bloody period or what. But the stress level is sort of at its maximum. Assignments are piling up. And WAP's individual assignment is making me nuts. Thought of a few titles but no idea which one to choose. Hmmm. Fyi the deadline is on the 12th but the lecturer wants the essay outline on Thursday. We're supposed to choose at least 10 sources, books and magazines MUST be included. Really FML.

Seriously, why are we paying a thousand bucks for the subject called Writing for Academic Purposes? When it does'nt really serve any purpose? Ok wait, maybe it does. idk. But i must say, the lecturer is a nice person. He'll keep on explaining and explaining till we understand. But the fact is that most of the time we don't know what he really want us to do. So we'll just end up nodding so that he could save his breath. Good students la kononnya. haha.

Well, i guess i shall just hit the sack with a good book.

Nitey nite nite!

*May you have a safe trip to the north! :)

Just be strong,
Even when you feel the world is crashing down on you.


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