Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yesterday was a good day.

I would say, yesterday was a great great great day. It was the audition for the 25 finalists of Philips Iron Your Way To be A Star and our gorgeous Lucelia was one of the lucky ones to be chosen out of 299 candidates to be exact. It was held in Cititel and the best of all was it was'nt crowded. Which means, we can enjoy watching Transformers in that Cinema 21:9 and play with that Xbox as long as we want. And then they have a few booths, mainly about all their products of course. And the particular one that most of the females would die for was the free hair-do and make-up by professional make-up artistes. How nice would life be if you have your personal make-up artiste and fashion stylist eh? :) So i told the guy that i only want basic make-ups but he ended up with this.

I still feel its a lil too thick and heavy tho. But still ok la. Herm, anyway he's a really nice guy. He's already so darn tired after working the whole day without eating and yet still offers to do it for me since i was the last one. hehe. Thank you!!

So the results were out at about 4pm and Amber Chia came to announce the top 12 finalists. And guess what? Of course our pretty lady got chosen to be in the top 12! The grand finals will be held in One Utama on the 8th of November. And congrats to Woon Chin for getting the blender as lucky draw! woots!


*Pictures will be uploaded soon once i get them from Alex*.

Meanwhile, i know it's kindda too late to post these videos but its just something funny that i would like to share with you guys.

*shakes head*

Have a good Sunday!!!
Happy knowing for 27 months!

ps : Thanks to Nicholas for sending us there and back home.
pps : A lil upset for not attending the dinner tho but luckily cancelled it the day before because i couldn't get to make it on time also.
ppps: Congrats to you for it was a success. :)

Look at how fast the time flies bby,
And now, look at us.

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